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Good nutrition plays a vital role in keeping your body properly fuelled with the nutrients that your body needs for the best physical and mental health.  We want to help you improve the performance and vitality of your body and mind by using food as medicine.

 Food choices have a direct influence on your brain which can be both detrimental to your state of mind or have a positive and nourishing effect, dependant on the types of food you eat.

 A nutritionist’s role is to review your current food patterns and discern the level of optimal nutrients that you need. We look at the amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fats and sugars that your body requires to function at its highest level.  Once this has been established you’ll notice any feelings of fatigue, sluggishness, dizziness, lethargy, abdominal bloating or discomfort will begin to disappear.

 We want you to get the most out of your food so, we personalise each service to ensure that we focus on whatever current health issues that you may be experiencing and your own personal health goals. 

 We use best practice techniques and tools to analyse, prescribe and monitor your progress along your food journey. Our Bio-Impedance scales (Tanita BC-545N Segmental Body Composition Scale) use state of art technology to analyse your overall body composition that will allow us to best focus on what will work best for you.


Packages Available

6 week package (1 x 1 hour session, 5 x ½ hour sessions $380)

10 week package ( 1 x 1 hour session, 9 x ½ hour session $580)

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Pricing Structure - Nutrition

1 hour session $120

½ hour session $60

¼ hour weigh in/check in $30

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Nutrition News

Celebrity Nutrition Tips

Celebrity trainer Jennifer Dene is an everyday Australian girl who has become an inspiring success within the USA health industry. From Hollywood celebrities and CEOs, to stay-at-home mums, Jennifer’s practical, down-to-earth approach to healthy living has helped many people reach their ideal weight, live their best lives and love the skin they’re in.

Our own Guidelight Nutritionist, Dianne Doyle recently travelled to California and spent some wonderful time exchanging leading edge collaborative health & nutrition approaches with Jennifer.

Professionals like Jennifer and Dianne are here to help you skip the heartache and confusion about healthy eating, sustainable movement and whole life health.  Find out more about Jennifer by visiting, or phone Dianne directly on mobile 0402 996 143.