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Four Building Blocks for Personal & Professional Development

 Advanced staff performance and productivity at work is achieved by coaching people to undertake transformational personal change.

Enjoy listening to the powerful psychological reasons our inspirational program creates extraordinary positive growth in the self-concept of each participant.  We are confident that our four building blocks for personal and professional development will resonant strongly with you as we succinctly highlight them within the few minutes of this clip.


The Politics of Leadership & Positional Power

ABC News 24 Interview – September 2013

Introduction by Peter Doyle

Our reputation for providing leading edge personal development and character based coaching skills to an extensive client base over the past twenty years, has resulted in many requests for media interviews and public comment from our firm.

Occasionally we choose to highlight one of our media activities, such as the ABC 24 News story featured above because the story typically captures a particular or essential element that underpins our successful coaching approach.

We have been privileged to work with diverse coaching clients such as Ministers in State Government, CEOs in Local Government and hundreds of leaders in assorted business and community service roles.

In common across all these workplace fields of service, is the essential principle, that character based leadership success requires the development of a series of four building block rituals at the Physical, Intellectural, Emotional and Spiritual level, as per Peter Doyle’s interview comments on this video clip.

Our strong recommendation is to look to integrate these four building blocks into your workplace through engaging our exciting ‘Creating Healthier Workplaces Programs’.