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Looking for authentic leadership training? Want to take your leadership skills to the next level? Register your interest now in the next Leadership Circle program to be held in the Brisbane CBD.

Through monthly sessions in a group of like-minded individuals, you will have the opportunity to build your professional influence, expand into your personal power, and connect with others in the leadership sphere.

Find out more about what you can expect of our authentic leadership training program, by reading about the “Heart And Soul Of Leadership”.

If you see yourself as someone who can (or may) have a profound impact not only on your workplace, family or community (at the local or even global level); then this is an investment into not only yourself, but the people in your world. 

Having enjoyed the outstanding success of our previous programs, our expert facilitators can't wait to begin engaging with people who are ready to discover the next level of leadership, when the next Leadership Circle gets underway on Wednesday 6 March 2019.

MARCO KORN & PETER DOYLE:  Two of Australia’s leading thinkers in the field of Positive Psychology & Leadership ... empowering people to step beyond limits and see higher level possibilities and alternative viewpoints.

MARCO KORN & PETER DOYLE: Two of Australia’s leading thinkers in the field of Positive Psychology & Leadership ... empowering people to step beyond limits and see higher level possibilities and alternative viewpoints.



Read what previous attendees are saying about the program… 

Paul Tonges, Director Invoice Management Solutions:

Spending a handful of hours totally focussed within the group discussions just once a month creates a valuable space for me to think and reflect. The result of this is that I’ve sharpened the goals andfocus of my leadership practice, and have really developed my effectiveness and efficiency.

Peter & Marco are inspiring and authentic professionals who have an outstanding gift for nurturing the positive leadership potential within our group membership.

Craig Carmody, General Manager TruckAssist, National Transport Insurance:

The increased capacity within my personal power, influence and success back in the workplace has been enormous over the six months as a result of the Leadership Circle ……. although I am 4 x times as busy, I am now 10 times more energised and effective across the complex projects in my role!

 I am enjoying a sense of deeper levels of respect and more genuine expressions of trust, cooperation and appreciation among the people I regularly engage with, both professionally and personally, including family. The feedback personally and professionally is – I’ve got my mojo back!!

Anthea Antonio, Director of Asset Performance, Light Rail Industry:

The improved leverage I have utilised in our business, as a result of the Leadership Circle coaching process, has been extraordinary!  

My own personal growth, deeper leadership insights, & ability to let go of previously limiting mindsets & external stressors has been priceless.  I warmly endorse the advanced skillsets and conceptual models that our positive psychology facilitators, Marco Korn & Peter Doyle weave respectfully into our sessions.  These two men absolutely embody the art of high level leadership facilitation, and ensure a trustworthy group space is created where it is safe to speak from the heart among a wise group of peers.  

Greg Smith,
Director of Masters of Client Retention,
Customer Experience Industry:

This is just a snippet of what Greg Smith from Masters of Client Retention had to say about the Leadership Circles program..

"Get in touch with your why ...

increase your prosperity, in every sense of the word”

Chris Herrington, National Operations Executive, Gas and Oil Exploration Industry:

On so many personal, spiritual, and professional levels, this year of my life has been a pretty rough road. However in stark relief, the facilitators and members of the Leadership Circle are indeed some of the people that I can truly be thankful for. 

I don’t exaggerate when I say that it has only been through your support and kindness that I have been able to deal with the emotional turmoil of this year. When I look back at simple but genuine words of care and compassion my peers provided, during our six month journey of personal and professional development together, I am truly humbled.  For this I will be forever indebted to you all.

Naturally, if you like the idea of this Leadership Circle and know someone who may also benefit, please feel free to share this webpage and other information with them.

Leadership Circles

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We are delighted to be now regularly offering places for people to participate in our next Leadership Circle commencing on Wednesday 6 March 2019.

It continues to be our privilege to host such a potent and effective way for people to expand upon their professional self-development and nurture their unique personal power. Please enjoy reading about what is on offer & let us know what you think.