A six month development Program for Exercising Power with Integrity and Purpose


Leadership and management theories and frameworks abound. Peter Doyle and Marco Korn have done the research, and the coaching practice for over 20 years and have pulled together, out of the “noise” of an overcrowded leadership development market, the elements that are needed and known to work – to achieve leadership practice that:

  • Is optimally effective

  • Aligns with, and expresses - your deepest personal and professional values, aspirations, and passion

  • Is Ethical, and full of integrity

  • Is Sustainable – prevents burnout

  • Has clear and practical road maps and frameworks

  • Equips you with the tools to coach your reporting leaders.

This is not a beginner’s program. It is for current leaders who aspire to make a real and positive difference – in business, and the community, locally and beyond.

This program is at a higher level: it cultivates sophisticated leadership capabilities, that are urgently needed in our turbulent times.

The Leadership Circle Program:

  • Half day workshops, once a month - for 6 months

  • No more than 10 participants, carefully selected

  • Participants from a diverse range of industries

  • Coaching and development approaches including: individual and group coaching; expert information and advice; peer support, review and reflection; a comprehensive handbook of practical information.


The Content: 

1. The 3 empirically identified leadership factors needed to be effective, AND win REAL trust and engagement:

  1. Integrity - “walking your talk”

  2. Humanity – kindness, care and compassion,

  3. Competence – knowing your business!

2. Achieving High Performing Collaboration: “Conversations for Alignment” - the power of shared purpose, passion, and approach.

3. Evolving leadership practice and culture: from Positional Power to Genuine Power, or Authoritarian to Authoritative Leadership:
including: looking at the brain’s tendency to “go stoopid under pressure”, think in dualities - black and white thinking - when the world is far from this simple!

 4. “Mates @ Work”:
Navigating the overlay of 2 sets of communication and relationship channels in all organisations (and any human system): informal/personal & formal/structural - and the things that happen with the interaction of the two: the good, and not so good, and how to intervene effectively.

 5. Beyond ‘the learning organisation’, and beyond ‘leader-as-coach’ - Power with strength and grace:
The importance of how error / “failure”, and success is handled in the workplace 

6. Pulling it all together: My path to leading with integrity and purpose

 The Facilitators:

 Marco Korn – Psychologist, BA (Hons) Psych, MAPS, MAHRI

Marco Korn 2018.jpg

 Marco Korn is a highly regarded consultant to organisations and executive coach to leaders in the private and public sector. He is a senior psychologist of 27 years experience with expertise in individual mental health and organizational and leadership well being and performance.

Marco is highly literate in deep and practical processes for change, resolution and development, drawing on extensive experience as a psychotherapist, mediator, executive coach and systems consultant.  He is well read in areas of ethics in leadership, philosophy and Eastern and Western spiritual traditions. Marco has a keen interest in human values and the profound benefits to individuals, relationships, families and organisations that are possible when people’s journey includes clarity and practical connection to individual and collective values.

Marco views his role as coach, facilitator and therapist as an honour and privilege, and one that requires high levels of self awareness and compassion to self and others. Marco has, and continues, to engage in extensive personal development that includes the spheres of culture, power, politics and community.

Marco works with a broad range of industries (private, public and community sectors) and leaders in organisations of small to very large scales.  He also provides professional supervision and mentoring to developing colleagues involved in organizational and therapeutic work.

Peter Doyle - Psychologist, B Psych (Hons), MAPS, MCCOUNP, MCOP

Peter Doyle psychologist.jpg

Peter is an outstanding psychologist who has had over 25 years' experience in the workplace and counselling setting to help clients with a diverse range of personal, lifestyle and psychological well being issues.

Peter has been particularly sought out by motivated individuals seeking to utilise advanced positive psychology tools to transform into their next level of potential.  Peter finds it incredibly rewarding to assist people to tackle the difficulties or obstacles they face in everyday life, (whether personal or work related) and removing their often unseen roadblocks to increased business and personal effectiveness.

Peter’s coaching includes change management, organisational transformation and learning cultures, business growth from concept to successful enterprise, advanced personal mastery skills, emotional intelligence, professional debrief and improved self management of performance goals.  Peter has the real world experience to provide coaching to others in business and life challenges.  As a business founder and workplace leader, Peter has also delivered educational & research services for Griffith University, Monash University, and University of Queensland.

Peter has had the benefit of privileged learning & insider briefings as a trusted personal coach to hundreds of business leaders and management teams.  As a leading edge professional in the field of advanced positive psychology, Peter has observed first- hand what works and does not work for groups of staff in creating healthier workplaces and individually developing inspirational leadership capabilities.

Dates and Fees:

Each Leadership Circle is hosted in our Guidelight Boardroom at Level 4, 270 Adelaide Street, Brisbane.  We gather on the First Wednesday of each month commencing at 9.00am and finishing over a complimentary luncheon served at 12.30pm.

Your investment is for a six (6) session half day series on the following dates:

6 March, 3 April, 1 May, 5 June, 3 July, & 7 August, 2019.

 Total Fee: $4 500 plus GST

An option is available to pay the fee in monthly instalments of $850 plus GST if preferred.

You can register your interest in applying to be one of our valued members in this upcoming Leadership Circle by clicking the button below. Upon receipt we will contact you for informal discussion (fees are of course only processed if following personal discussion it is mutually agreed to proceed with your membership of the Circle).